Some reviews from candidates:

People Talk About Me

Valuable input and pointers throughout the process

Iwan’s uncomplicated and pragmatic approach made looking for a new job feel smooth and natural. He has listened to my wishes and didn’t shy back from giving his own experience-backed input. I like his “no bullshit”, “no sales speech” way of guiding in to a new job position.


Extensive market knowledge

Great recruiter: Iwan has an extensive knowledge of the market and solid technical skills (which is rare rare for recruiters). The positions he had were fitting my skills and expectations. Thank you!


No wasting time

I really appreciated the pragmatic and direct approach that Iwan used, not wasting any time. All the positions presented where a good fit with my profile. I recommend him as a recruiter.


Above and beyond

We stayed in touch over the course of 5/6 months looking for opportunities in the iOS development industry in Zurich. Iwan took the liberty to search and contact different companies to assess their interest in expanding their teams, which I consider to be the differentiator when comparing to other recruiters I worked with. His dedication is commendable and anyone interested in moving to Switzerland should definitely get in touch with him, you will definitely witness the difference.

iOS developer

Most awesome recruiter I have ever worked with

It’s rare that you come across a recruiter who actually cares about the candidate’s preferences. I had the pleasure of working with Iwan during my search for a tech job in Switzerland. I was particularly impressed by Iwan’s ability to get me a much better offer from an employer than the initial one. It’s almost like he was a personal coach for guaranteed success in the Swiss tech industry. Anyone, who wants to work in the Swiss tech industry, would be lucky to have Iwan as their recruiter.

Java developer

Best Person to Work With

Iwan is the best IT recruiter I ever worked with. What makes his approach unique to others is that he represents the sweet spot between being a professional and a laid-back person. He’s an active coder as well and that makes getting into technical details as easy as he’d be your cool team mate. At the same time, he is very precise in conversations, keeps on focus on the most crucial information and cuts off unnecessary bs. I owe Ivan a completely different view on the recruitment process.


Best recruiter I ever met

Iwan presented me companies and he tested me to check carefully if I am a good fit for the desired job position. Iwan is an amazing mentor that gave me very good tips about how to successfully present myself to a company that I am applying to. Thanks to him I am able to get better salaries in better jobs with better conditions. All is about showing our best values to the firms and Iwan was who taught me how to reach that. I like his kindness to help me when I had any difficulty.

Senior .NET developer

A rare positive surprise

Finally a recruiter that does excellent preparation before approaching possible candidates. I never talk to recruiters because they almost never really take their time upfront to know your skills and preferences. Iwan does exactly that. He is easy going and straight forward. He only asked the important questions and still delivered perfectly matching jobs straight from the beginning. Get surprised too, I would definitely recommend him!

Senior Javascript developer


Unlike other recruiters, Iwan helped me navigate several interview processes and advised me also on employers that weren’t clients of him. With his help I got an A+ offer in a company that I really like. Iwan trained me on salary negotiation which gave me the confidence to ask (and get!) more fixed salary. If you’re a jobseeker in IT, I highly recommend working with Iwan to land your next job.

Senior Python developer

Valuable input and pointers throughout the process

Iwan ist a fantastic recruiter. He focuses on positions that are meaningful to ones owns needs and qualifications and offers valuable input and pointers throughout the process to reduce the amount of blind spots that otherwise easily can be present in extended screening days. I highly recommend him.


Great experience

I’ve enjoyed the interview with Iwan very much. I really appreciated how the written and spoken interactions took place. It was nice being approached by someone with a great technical background. It will give you the sensation of being appreciated to the full length of your potential. Your persona will not be misrepresented towards a potential employer. Give him a chance and you will learn something new!

Senior Python Developer


Iwan was one of the best recruiters I have worked with. He does the basics extremely well. He communicates well, provided clear feedback on my CV, was able to provide access to a variety of potential employers in the Zurich area and also provides clear feedback on what my skill set was worth in the Zurich market. Would highly recommend contacting.”


Goes straight to the point

Iwan is a great recruiter, he goes straight to the point and with his technical background he really understands what you’re looking for. it was a pleasure and I totally recommend!