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News: I am invited as a speaker to in Berlin, meet me there in July 18th 2024!

I’m Iwan Gulenko, and I have personally placed hundreds of people in tech job opportunities since 2016. As a volunteer, I am a “Prüfungsexperte EFZ Informatik” in the Canton of Zug and I am the main driver behind and, innovative recruitment web-solutions.

However, my bread and butter is actual recruitment. I am happy to meet you personally in Zurich or anywhere in Switzerland (I particularly enjoy Lake Zug, especially in winter) to discuss your career- or candidate-needs.

I can assist you in finding the right talent and you can leverage my network in technical roles such as Java, .NET, Python, JavaScript (frontend or full-stack), Product Management, Scrum Masters, “Executive Tech” (my favorite), and even SAP roles.

Before this, I worked hands-on in the industry as a programmer for many years, so I know exactly what I am recruiting for. If you need tailored hiring assistance, feel free to contact me anytime at or  +41 77 986 9000 (Whatsapp) or landline: +41 55 210 33 32.

See our over 100 reviews on LinkedIn, Google, and Bestcruiter.




I was featured in Switzerland’s largest Business Newspaper: Finanz und Wirtschaft.

Also, I am an author on various recruitment topics and have sold hundreds of copies of “Coderfit: All You Need to Know for Your Programming Career”.


People wining on social media about companies not telling salaries IN ADVANCE ON JOB ADS, my reply is a reality check:

"Mini-salary offer during the interview to you means that you are not suitable enough that companies offer more. You are merely a standard candidate.


Communication 101 reminder:

The more concrete, contextful your question,

the more detailed the answer can be.

Don't be lazy please. Especially when asking for help.

20 cm belly circumference loss.

Just stopped eating carbs for many weeks.

No cardio.

All you're being told about food/fitness is a lie, so they can keep selling you shit.

What else the lie about?

Mindset for all candidate and internal communication:


MINIMUM COST: Send emails during or right after calls when info is fresh.

Include all key points - MAXIMUM CONTEXT.

Win-win every time - keeps us ahead of the competition for 10+ years.

Senior engineer just told me: "Last year I was jobhunting and it was so easy, now I am not even getting calls."


What do we do now?

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Reach me AT:

For countless clients, me and my team did great effort in discovering candidates who look BAD on paper but are actually GOOD. A very hard thing to do in today’s market. Curious?

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Some reviews from candidates

Goes straight to the point

Iwan is a great recruiter, he goes straight to the point and with his technical background he really understands what you’re looking for. it was a pleasure and I totally recommend!


Extensive market knowledge

Great recruiter: Iwan has an extensive knowledge of the market and solid technical skills (which is rare rare for recruiters). The positions he had were fitting my skills and expectations. Thank you!


No wasting time

I really appreciated the pragmatic and direct approach that Iwan used, not wasting any time. All the positions presented where a good fit with my profile. I recommend him as a recruiter.