I personally put >120 people into jobs in the last couple of years, please trust the process 😃

We keep this updated as much as possible, best is to call to get the newest information: +41 77 986 9000 ☎️ or email:

This is a non-exhaustive job list for two reasons:

1. I don’t put all the jobs I work on here due to privacy and 2. sometimes I get a job and need to fill it the same week in which case I don’t put it anywhere; all we can manage is to call people and discuss the details.


**(people who call me usually get priority because they put more effort in, but if you’re a shy person, I will still talk to you)

🚨C# lead engineering – exclusive mandate 🚨 in Zürich-Oerlikon suchen wir nach einem Senior / Lead Engineer für einen grossen E-Commerce Anbieter (nicht G****)

Der genutzt Tech Stack ist .Net 6, C#, Erfahrung damit ist optional.

3 Java backend roles:

  • insurance software company 100s of people, 135k CHF
  • insurance project in central Switzerland 125k CHF
  • several other backend heavy jobs where Java knowledge is needed

2 x Fullstack roles, one backend , other frontend, JavaScript/Typescript/Vue + Python ~120k CHF

We have a product company hiring fullstack (python+vue, but knowledge in this two pieces of tech is NOT a must), they do web apps used on mobile and desktop that will ***now*** be integrated into cars, super exciting! Please call back: +41 77 986 9000

.NET security “non-web” role 130-150k CHF – Kurze Jobeschreibung:

• Bau 🛠 an integrierten Government IT-Systemen (modern aber auch Altsysteme)

• Schütze die Schweiz 🇨🇭 mit deinen IT Skills 😯

• Endlich mal ein Backend NON-Web Job!! 🚨🚨🚨 (C#, .NET Core aber Deployment auf Linux Systemen!)

Various SAP consulting roles in most modules (MM ; PM ; SD; FI CO et al) starting at 130k CHF

(SAP) Finance roles (new business section) 👀

new: SAP FINANCE Consultant 120-170k CHF – German speaking

new: SAP Implementation and lead roles (several) – 200k CHF – German speaking

3x Frontend Engineer German speaking 20-50 people firms, 100-120kCHF

Top IT profiles we search for: 😯

Projektleiter in Software Projekten und SAP und “same” als Product Owner – 130k CHF

Contracting 12 months Database/Linux Pro, They are using PostgreSQL

Business Analyst/Product Owner in digitalisation of energy of a whole canton! 130k CHF

Application Manager Swiss government project for jails, like “e-jail”, product owners or similar profiles welcome , 120k CHF + German needed

Application Manager Consultancy 500 people, product owners or similar profiles welcome , 120k CHF + German needed


4x Java contracting and fulltime positions at small bank and insurance firms ~120 -140k CHF fulltime, or 110 CHF / h (great for people who want to dabble in contracting, as the minimum length is 12 months)

Software Requirements Engineer – with German skills in Zug, ~130k CHF

Java Mid or Senior level Craftsperson 20 people firm

-110-140k CHF

-Java/React as the stack; clients include SMEs, banks insurances, data providers, a true tech generalist!

Zurich-based Cloud Platform Devops Azure Engineer ~125k CHF at small family-like data consultancy active in retail, banking, insurance, home office ~3day/week.

In the same firm: Python + Azure engineer in family-like big data consultancy, No German needed, 130k CHF

.NET Roles on the web 100k CHF – 130k CHF – consultancy with long term project duration: 3-5 years

Finance Consultant 140-180k CHF 🍸 at small Swiss agency who starts with big plans in Switzerland; you don’t need prior SAP experience

Team Lead Software Crafter team

130-140k CHF – Be a “code mentor”;

-Java/React but other tech stacks welcome, web components..

-clients include SMEs, banks insurances, data providers, a true tech generalist!

Frontend (Senior/Lead) React Engineer

Salary: 110k CHF – 130k CHF

Tasks: know how to use web components and ES6 and ideally React

Head of Software Sales in b2b service company 110-130k CHF

Devops/Azure Engineer with AI aspect in Canton Zug for a big manufacturer – 130k CHF

Fullstack Java/Angular2+ Engineer,

Salary range: 120-130k CHF

Finance technology startup, crypto space / platform – Zurich city

Clojure/ClojureScript company but they’d hire people who like to code in a functional way, 120k CHF

Senior Product owner (German speaking) for innovative SaaS Product in the big data world 120k CHF

(Frontend) Tech Lead at small firm: “You’re not scared to hack the JVM, Java, Node on the backend, and JavaScript/Typescript” on the frontend ~130k CHF

Lead Backend Java engineer at well-funded startup with lots of remote possibility, 100-130k CHF

Solution Architect, 20 people SME developing products for various sectors looking for someone with a Tech Background and relevant network in Switzerland, German C1 would be good., Zurich based, comp: >130k CHF

DevOps Engineer who likes coding. – 120-140k CHF – AWS knowledge is a nice to have. Top notch consultancy.

Less urgent profiles we search for:

At a hedge fund in Zurich region looking for: 

1. Quants (no “risk”, “stochastic”/“pricing option” people)

2. Researchers (no people who just imported numpy)

3. Developers (C++/Python), no juniors, Geneva as location possible

CHF150k – 200k base pay, unlimited bonus, total compensation of CHF1-2m isn’t rare 👑people on the team split the yearly results;

Ruby role at consultancy focusing on energy, 100-120k CHF

Scala role in finance product development firm 130-160k CHF

Delivery Manager in really Swiss consultancy 140k CHF

2x Network Engineer in same, really Swiss consultancy 110k CHF – 130k CHF

NodeJS engineer

Salary ballpark: ~140k CHF

Web startup that digitalizes sales in a very old school industry (machines, CNC)

PHP lead engineer role in central Switzerland for data driven product used by hospitals and bigger Swiss firms 130k CHF

System Engineer in 20 people firm and 500 people firm

UX roles: one in a data startup; another in 500 people consultancy

Requirements Engineer/Product Owner in modern Swiss “big project” consultancy 110-120k CHF

Startup: Backend Java, mid-level/senior, German B1 level enough, 3-4 days home office! ~120k CHF

Fullstack Java, JavaScript (React or Angular) senior-level, German B2 level enough ~115k CHF

Product/project middle-sized firm, fullstack role, Java, JavaScript (React senior, German B2 level enough ~115k CHF

Middle-sized firm: Frontend (generalist, React) – C1 level of German

Low priority profiles:

Startup consultancy: 1x Devops at a startup, English only ok

Python Engineer at a data-driven startup.

Data Engineer/consultant at a startup

Golang/React/Rust C Engineer – 87k CHF at 80%

The firm builds a cross-platform app that runs also on hardware. The stack is Go/JS (React, Typescript – actually Preact currently, but the idea is to move fully to React). Being skilled at both Go/JS (fullstack) is a “must have”, while embedded C / embedded Rust skills are considered a “nice to have”.

.NET role in 20 people firm doing web projects (complex)

110k CHF max

.NET role in 400 people software consultancy

125k CHF max

2x (Senior) Python Engineer at a data-driven startup. Salary 90-120k CHF

You’ll use the most modern Python tech setup and work in the top ranked Swiss startup in a 20 people team to work on language problems that the world needs solving.

Filled positions 🙂

Head of Software Architecture Team – 180k CHF

Guiding 20 developers, writing offers, supporting the C

Product Owner in 20 people firm , 130k CHF – traditional Swiss software shop, no bodyleasing

Cybersecurity Team lead –

-no cybersecurity experience needed, just craftsmanship

140-160k CHF base plus stocks in high growth startup

Ruby on Rails Mid Level Engineer 130k CHF

Swiss Family retail business that is on the market for >100 years and develops all web tools from scratch such as PIM systems and eCommerce

Frontend Engineer

Various salary levelsi

Swiss web consultancy, CSS magic focus, with a PaaS product: 100k-120k CHF

International, stock-market traded firm with small Swiss team: 1x Devops with AWS and Python skills, Salary ~140k CHF

Frontend Lead at solidly backend Swiss startup:115k-130k CHF

Senior .NET/Lead at solidly VC-backed Swiss startup:115k-130k CHF

Natural Language Processing Researcher who can code role 100-140k CHF

Senior Java developer to build DSLs to customize the biggest Swiss enterprise platform. 130k CHF

Product / Owner Scrum Master / Projekleiter at hippest web firm in town: 120k CHF

Product Owner for a b2c/b2b hyprid SaaS – 100-130k CHF

Embedded C++ Engineer at engineering consultancy 100-120k CHF (German needed)

Senior Frontend Angular Developer at Swiss startup with meaningful mission: 105k-120k CHF

Senior Angular Contractor Remote $40/h for ~3-6 months

Systems Engineer / Electronic Engineer with Cloud skills in French Swiss part: 130k CHF

(Web) Scraping Engineer (is better than it sounds) for different innovation products, use of .NET stack preferred – 105-110k CHF

(Senior) Ruby on Rails Engineer, *inhouse* 😲 Product role: Long term job, not Agency work:CHF130-160k

CTO at ~25 person startup in Zürich

Salary: 130k-150k CHF, and real stocks (not phantom options)

Tasks: Lead a 10 person team into the growth phase. (Product-market fit is *done*)

Product Owner with C1 German 120-130k CHF at web company with famous CTO

Fullstack Python/Angular role at Swiss startup with meaningful mission

Salary: 100k CHF, and real stocks (not phantom options)

Tasks: Be the jack of all trades and help both the backend and frontend folks to build a multilingual app for analysing documents.

Android Engineer (or Java Engineer who wants to work with Android)

Salary: 100k CHF – 130k CHF

At innovative ecommerce solution SME in the heart of Zurich

Lead engineer – 140-160k CHF

in 20 people startup

the tool is used by big institutions to complement antivirus software , data driven b2b tool😯

Senior UX expert (German speaking) for innovation tech company ~120k CHF

(This list is partial. Ping me for more roles.)

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