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This article is still in a draft state and I am working on it.

In the whole talent industry there is a notorious lack of standards. Although in Europe there are some standards for resumes (one of those is the Europass). Those are rarely used. TextKernel, Sovren and other resume parsers attempt to help recruiters to sum up important information from candidates resumes.

Although resumes are of limited value and decrease in importance still many firms rely on them to reject candidates.

When building a startup in the recruiting space requires giving value to candidates first, we attempt to find a framework to go from job-ad to job-spec.

A good job advertisement

Good job ads immediately communicate three things:

  1. The hard-facts like visa requirements.
  2. It quickly communicates what the person will be doing with which tools.
  3. The specifics of the company, benefits etc..

This order is strict. More people care about what they do than where they do it.

Parameters of good job advertisements

We distilled a couple of parameters that consistently are important to job-seekers.

  • job-related
    • title
    • Location
    • special requirements
    • (Semi)-remote possible?
    • Title synonyms
    • Category
    • Project or product?
    • Technology stack
    • Dev-process quality
      • test-coverage?
      • Documentation
      • Team size
      • Methodology (Scrum, Kanban, Waterfal)
      • Frequency of meetings
  • Company-related
    • Company size
    • benefits

Matching job-seekers with jobs

Google and other companies (e.g., relinklabs) are working on matching algorithms that heavily rely on standardizations. To normalize job-titles and job-related content in general keyword matching does not suffice. Let’s take job-titles as an example: “IT Consultant Business Analytics”. Each word is rather vague, but put together we “get” the meaning.

Google significantly improved the experience on their career site by tweaking it to take into account jobs-related peculiarities. This is how they do it:

Normalizing job-ads

Coderfit’s customers rely heavily on job-ads to attract talent and we rewrite all job-ads before we posting them on our career site. Our goal for a job-spec is to communicate three things to the reader:

  1. A standardized transformation of the job ad
  2. Recommendation which job-sites to use to promote a job
  3. Recommendation which candidate-database to use to source for candidates

If you want us to transform your job-ad to a coderfit job-spec mail us.

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