How to get a work-permit in Switzerland

Unique bodyleasing offer

If you are interviewing an engineer that you would like to hire but can’t because he does not have a EU-passport, read on.

The Swiss labour law divides workers in two categories: Workers with Swiss or EU / EFTA-28 countries (including Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia) and the “third-party” countries.

While the first category has no problems to get a work-permit (including a work-permit for a spouse), the second category does run into several issues.

Per canton there are yearly quotas for “third-party” workers that can be given to workers who make more than (for the canton of Zurich 110’000 CHF). These are almost instantly gone for the canton of Zurich.

However, for the canton of Zug, Thurgau or Bern it is much easier to get this visa because the quota-to-demand ratio is much more sane. An official from Bern told me that a senior engineer from Ukraine once got a work-permit within 6 weeks only, while a friend of mine waited for 1.5 years until a Zurich-based company managed to get him into the country.

That is why we at coderfit are in the process of setting up a bodyleasing company in Zug, Thurgau or Bern to hire people instantly into Switzerland and lease them to startups in the canton of Zurich until they are eligible to get a work-permit in Zurich.

If you are interested in this offer or if you just want to chat, please let us know.

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